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The first step to get on a path to thriving is to assess where you or your work is at today, and then make a plan and set goals to improve on your areas of interest.  Together we can raise the value of artists in every community!

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Make this survey your own!  You are in the driver's seat. 

As you jump in, here are a few tips:

  • Pick and choose what’s useful for you. Every row may not apply to you - feel free to customize it to make it your own.

  • Dive in where you want and don’t feel obligated to complete the whole tool. You can complete it all, a single category, or just one question! 

  • Bring a generous spirit. This is a tool about growth and self-improvement, not judgement. Try using the tools to coach and incentivize yourself and your peers. Help each other reach the next level of improved performance.

  • Fill in gaps: No single individual or organization can go it alone in changing conditions for artists to thrive. You can use the tools to identify the categories that you might lead on and those where you may need partners for support.

  • For the "I Work With Artists" Survey, consider who your “we” is and how that might change when using the tool for different projects and contexts. You name it and you can frame it within the tool!


Printable Survey Rubrics
This version includes space to add descriptors or make notes


Printable Survey Rubrics
This version includes space to add descriptors or make notes

I Am An Artist Categories

  • Artistic Life

  • Communicating and Connecting

  • Money

  • Planning and Capacity

  • Power (letting my voice grow in its own power)

  • Self-Care (resilience, wellness & well-being)

I Work With Artists Categories

  • Advocacy

  • Artists Working in Community

  • Funding Individual Artists

  • Organizational Capacity

  • Paying Artists

  • Power (open, equitable, and culturally relevant)

  • Self-Care (resilience, wellness & well-being)

  • Services & Programs

  • Valuing Artists

Image by Austin Distel
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