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Make a Plan and Set Your Goals to Change Conditions on Your Path to Thriving

Now that you’ve completed the survey, pause to think about your responses.

  • Where there questions that fell in the lower portion of the spectrum – Artists Silenced or Artists Struggle – that you want to improve?

  • Did any question affirm that you need to work on something?


Pick one row/question. Re-read all the choices. 


Do you instantly see a path to improvement?



Set your goal and make your plan using one of the templates below.

Go to the Learn menu and select the category.  Resources are listed under each question’s header.  Or go to Thriving Stories and listen to others share their experiences.


Once you have an idea, return here and head to the goal templates below to set-up your plan.

Need some overall goal advice?  Here’s a great goal overview by Rocket Kids

  1. Choose your big goal

  2. What’s the Purpose of the Goal?
    Why do you want to achieve this goal?


  3. Break it into small steps

  4. What are the Obstacles & ways to overcome them?

 Use One of these Guides To Write Your Goal


New to SMART goals?  Watch this overview by Responsive Classroom


  • Specific - Can I describe what I want to achieve in 1 sentence?

  • Measurable - How am I now and how will I be different?

  • Achievable - What is my motivation for achieving this goal?

  • Relevant - Will pursuing this goal prevent me from doing something that is more important to me?

  • Time-Bound - How much time will it take to reach the goal?


New to WOOP goals?  Watch this video by Productivity Game. Start at 5:09 if you want to start at the definition of WOOP (play from the beginning to hear about the research).

WOOP Stands for:

  • Identifying your Wish (your goal)

  • Describe one positive Outcome of achieving this goal.

  • Describe one Obstacle that might stand in the way.

  • Make a Plan for how you can get around that obstacle. (if… then…)

2 More Actions to Support Your Success:


Accountability Buddies – you are more likely to stick to your plan and achieve your goal if you have someone else in your corner!  


Celebrate! – Don’t just achieve your SMART or WOOP goal and then move on.  Pause to honor the work you did to get to this moment.  You may even want to include your celebration plan at the end of your SMART or WOOP goal.

Prefer a structured system to track and engage with your goals?  We’ve got that too!  


Email Heather and she’ll connect you with our partners at PF Loop to provide you with a free log-in to TripodGSS software.  This all-in-one people focused software lets you set your goals, assign accountability partners, ask others for goal advice, and more!

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