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I Work With Artists - Paying Artists Resources

Overall Resource

Artist Compensation Framework

  • W.A.G.E. - Focused on regulating the payment of artist fees and establishing sustainable labor relationships between artists and the institutions.

  • Paying the Artist – Policy by the Arts Council of Ireland to ensure the fair and equitable remuneration and contracting of artists

  • Teaching Artists Guild Pay Rate Calculator – determine a living minimum wage for teaching artists in your community.




  • Exhibition Payment Guide – created by a-n (UK’s largest membership organization for professional visual artists) these guidelines help all looking to paying artists for exhibitions in nonprofit arts spaces.

  • ArtUp: 10-Step Budgeting Process for Nonprofit Organizations - The success and usefulness of your nonprofit budget largely depends on the process used to create it. You will take away a proven 10-step budget process that will get everyone involved and ensure that your budget reflects your organization’s mission, strategic plan, and programmatic priorities

Responding to Individual Differences

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