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Artists Thrive aims to raise the value of artists in every community.

Who can change the narrative?






Think of Artists Thrive Like a Navigation System 

Artists Thrive helps us see where we are in our work, where we want to go, what is important to measure, and how we can improve in ways that benefit everyone involved.

Artists Thrive is meant to be customized, adapted, and applied to many situations to support your work. These tools can also be used again and again as a reference point for measuring how you, your organization, agency, department, community collaboration, partnership, or artist collective is advancing toward your goals over time.

Ready to Get on Your Path to Thriving?

Not ready to jump in but want to learn more about Artists Thrive?

This website is full of resources!

  • Start with About Us to learn the history and how others are using the tools.

  • Hop over to Resources to see toolkits, articles and more that directly align with the survey categories

  • Connect with the Community online, on social media, or register for our annual Summit

  • Check out the News section to see previous issues of our bi-monthly newsletter!

"One of the things I love most about Artists Thrive is that the path to improvement for each question is made clear by the multiple choice responses themselves. It’s not as if you just have to answer “No” to a question and then wonder how to get better."

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