COVID-19 Resources

A compilation of resources, tools and opportunities that we hope will provide artists and those who work with artists support to be able to thrive in the wake of these challenging circumstances.



EMERGENCY GRANTS - Listing from NYFA (updating regularly) 

SPRINGBOARD FOR THE ARTS - Principles for Ethical Cancellation

COLLEGE ART ASSOCIATION - Resources for Teaching Remotely

FREELANCERS UNION - What Freelancers Need to Know About Coronavirus

FOR TEACHING ARTISTS - Teaching Artists Guild Resources





adrienne maree brown - in the corona
Dori Midnight - Wash Your Hands
COVID-19 Arts Stories - Global Arts in the Pandemic
Winsconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts - Quarantine Quilt Project 







There are numerous videos on YouTube on how to photograph your work.  This one shows how to use features on your phone/Instagram.

Creativity in the Time of Corona

I was in New York a few days ago, giving a talk for Merkle's International Women's Day celebration. The coronavirus was rising in scope and impact, so I popped into my safe place, Trader Joe’s. It was mayhem! People pushing and shoving, grabbing packages, crashing carts into one another, no smiles, all elbows and knees. As I took this chaos in I found myself standing in the middle of an aisle that typically makes me smile, “Snacks and Sweets” and I started to cry.
Here’s why: A few months ago, my wife and I were in a car accident. We were stopped at a red light. Waiting. Enjoying the day. And a truck crashed into us at about 30 mph. My wife was hurt, so I ran out of the car, asked the guy who hit us, “What THE F...?!” and then asked him if he could drive behind us, as we cross three lanes of traffic to safely get to the shoulder. He said yes. We get to the shoulder. I turn to see him. He’s not there. He took off.

In a moment when we needed help, hit-and-runner decided that helping might cost too much money, time, or effort and he left. These two events made me realize that I don’t ever want to develop an instinct for running when someone needs help.

So, here’s the deal, corona…not a fan! I am a fan, however, of choosing to develop our Helping Instincts at this time rather than our Hit and Runs. Here’s a crash course in using creativity to be more human in the time of corona:   

1. Commit to Connecting: call/email/facetime one (or more) person you love to check in on them, connect, tell jokes, be together; once a week. (I’ll be calling my mom and some other people, too)

2. Event Planners: Instead of canceling events, livestream! Now, more than ever we need safe places to be inspired and feel a sense of connection. Plus, a lot of us speakers give good livestream!

3. Have a dinner party on Skype!

4. Launch your podcast.

5. Every time you wash your hands an angel gets its wings! And if that doesn’t get you lathered up, try this Buddhist meditation on loving-kindness (maitri)

May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you be safe
May you live with ease

6. Come up with 10 new ways to connect and share space with thousands of people in real time, I dare you!

7. Take that online course you’ve been putting off until… a pandemic?!

8. Put the toilet paper down! Next time you think, “I need more toilet paper!!” Try shifting to, “What if Lynda Carter (who has IBS) needs that toilet paper more than I do?! I will forgo extra toilet paper so Wonder Woman can wipe too!”

If we’re not connecting, creating or serving each other; then why are we stockpiling toilet paper?
Seriously, if the people stockpiling toilet paper are the only ones left, nobody’s gonna want to go to their parties. Right?!